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    Paramilitaries Threaten Leaders of Puente Nayero, Buenaventura

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    Buenaventura: Children playing where a "chop-house"  stood until recently / Niños jugando donde  había una casa de pique hace poco

    Buenaventura: Children playing where a “chop-house” stood until recently

    In the first 90 days following the creation of the Puente Nayero Humanitarian Space in Buenaventura, no one within the space has been killed and people are beginning to go outside again (more information on the crisis in Buenaventura). About 1000 adults, adolescents and children have recently ratified their commitment to nonviolence and to promoting the Humanitarian Space. Nevertheless, threats in the area persist. Last Friday, five people were threatened, including two young Humanitarian Space leaders under the age of 18. Our team recently accompanied the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission in the Humanitarian Space in Buenaventura. Read the English version of the communique released by the Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission about these recent threats:

    Paramilitaries Threaten Leaders 


    Friday, July 25, 2014, by Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission

    Today at 2:40pm, Diana Susana Angulo, a 16 year-old leader, was approached by paramilitaries called Chinga and Oscar with a death threat written on a paper containing the AUC* of Piedra Cantan sign.

    “For all toads, this is not a game, get out of here Jacob, Susana, Jampier, Jazmani, Chavita, Orlando, you’re all going to die. You do not  have a lot of time left to live, you can ask Susana, we almost got her on Sunday, but she was with the bitch Commission. This is not a game, the Commission is deceiving you, they are using you. The police is our ally. I am one of those who want to hurt Susana, but first I want to rape her and then I’ll cut up Jacob, that damn dog, with fervor. Be careful or get out of here, we are giving you time, this is serious, it’s not a game. We don’t want you in the wrong place at the wrong time or late a night a guy is dead.

    FROM: AUC*”

    Bogotá, D.C. July 25, 2014 Inter-Church Justice and Peace Commission

    *Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia)