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    From the Jungles of Colombia

    Elisa accompanies a family on their way to a nearby village.

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    To the Halls of Government

    Austrian delegation meets Colombian Congressional Representative.

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    Building Global Movements

    Creative action representing millions of Colombia’s displaced

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    Embracing Nonviolence

    Conscientious objector clowns the riot police.

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    Defending Life, Land and Dignity

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    FOR Peace Presence Monthly Update

    11165238_484549798369168_1613660530941037497_nAmidst a ping pong table and a rockola machine that blasted hits from the 80’s and 90’s, the FOR Peace Presence team gathered together at the start of the month of May for our semiannual retreat. For several days we discussed our past, present and future work. With our partners’ input, we evaluated our work and discussed possible upcoming changes and challenges related to ongoing peace negotiations and possible post-agreement scenarios within the framework of transitional justice. We additionally had the chance to meet with one of our board members and did a workshop on the political landscape of Colombia. With renewed spirit and motivation, our teams headed out to their next accompaniments.
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