FOR Peace Presence Annual & Financial Report

Jul 9, 2015 | News, Our Partners

FOR Peace Presence is thrilled to launch its first Annual & Financial Report.  The report provides an overview of the work & finances of FOR Peace Presence from January 2014- January 2015 as well as an external audit of the organization’s accounting during calendar year 2014.

Whether you have followed our work in Colombia since the days of FOR USA’s Colombia Project, or came to know us more recently (we became an independent organization in 2013, gaining 501(c)(3) status in 2015), we know you’ll be excited by the evolution of our program in 2014.  It was a year to lay the foundation for a sustainable international accompaniment model to suit the needs of a rapidly changing Colombia, an adventure that has forced us to grow and reenergize our mission as we set out on a financially independent trail.

We’re proud to report that on an operating budget of just $163,000 USD, we provided 454 days of physical accompaniment to 5 communities, 3 organizations, and 2 human rights defenders, plus 65 political advocacy meetings on their behalf in Colombia in 2014.

Here are some more of the year’s programmatic highlights:

-In response to growing threats against environmental and land rights activists, FOR Peace Presence began accompanying four new groups in their struggle for life, land, and dignity: Tierra Digna, ASOTRACAMPO, the Nilo community, and the Interchurch Peace and Justice Commission (in the first-ever urban Humanitarian Space, Puente Nayero!).

– FOR Peace Presence researcher John Lindsay-Poland, in conjunction with “Coordinacion Colombia-EEUU-Europa” released their report about U.S military assistance and “false positive” killings in Colombia.  Lindsay-Poland testified on the subject to a Colombian Congressional hearing.

Two speakers’ tours featuring our Colombian partners in three U.S cities (and at the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights!) to discuss a breadth of issues, including involuntary displacement by development projects in Colombia, conscientious objection, rap & youth movements.

-Two FOR Peace Presence delegations brought international visibility to the struggles of our partners in Colombia, including by documenting a displacement in El Tamarindo as it took place, and by conducting advocacy meetings with diplomatic and Colombian authorities on issues of anti-militarization, forced displacement, and protectionary measures for human rights defenders.

For more in-depth news on our partners and FOR Peace Presence over the course of 2014, read the full report.