Displacement of El Tamarindo Underway

Dec 8, 2015 | Displacement and Land Issues, News, Our Partners, Peace and Nonviolence

Displacement underway

The displacement of Asotracampo Tamarindo is currently underway. Riot police, bulldozers, and a group of civilans armed with machetes have started demolishing the homes of local families; the vast majority displaced from other regions by Colombia’s armed conflict. These families have nowhere to go and their human rights and dignity as individuals and as a community of subsistance farmers are being violated.

This photo is of our team observing as city officials and the riot police arrived this morning.

Here is video fotage of families being displaced in the Humanitarian Space of Refuge and Hope, El Mirador in Tamarindo.

Please email the mayor’s office of Barranquilla here atencionalciudadano@barranquilla.gov.co to express your concern (the content of the email is included in your email when you click on this link).

You can sign this online petition in Spanish to send a message to the mayor of Barranquilla. Read the communique from ASOTRACAMPO:

Asotracampo Statement No.2

The Association of Rural Workers, Asotracampo, settlers of the Temporary Humanitarian Area located in the El Mirador strip of El Tamarindo, notifies all local, national and international oganizations that have been monitoring and supporting the process of El Tamarindo, that the district mayor’s office, via the Fourth Police Inspectorate, has once again ordered an eviction for December 9th of this year. This is the third illigitamte eviction attempt this month.

We urge Ms. Elsa Noguera de la Espriella, in her role as Mayor, to suspend this eviction and any other measure, until such time as the Constitutional Court resolves this situation, as suggested by Colombia’s National Human Rights Ombudsman’s Office.

We demand the action and presence of the regulatory entities as legitimate observers, given the irregularities of Inspector Edgar Barros and other responsible officials.

We demand that that the National Victims Unit fulfill the promises made on October 14, in which representative Maria Alejandra Padilla was present; the absence of real, ethical and legal committment by the local Victims Unit undermines their role as a legitimate guarantor to defend our rights as victims.

Today December 8th, as you commemorate the signing of the declaration of human rights, we, the community of Asotracampo, continue with lit candles, hoping that Barranquilla blooms with life and flourishes due to its respect for the human rights of the subsistance farmer population, victims of the conflict, and becomes a true space of inclusion and not just rhetoric with no basis in reality.

Today, December 8, we continue to watch, to defend our land, our territory, under the banner of the right to land as a starting point of a real peace process.

We thank the organizations that support and are in solidarity with our struggle; your support strengthens us.

Barranquilla, December 8, 2015