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Thank you for your efforts and solidarity to help create – from memory – the changes that comprehensive reconciliation and peace require in Colombia and the world.

The last week of May is the International Week of the Detained and Disappeared, public policy law 1408 of 2010 and Dec 303 of 2015.

“The historical memory of the forcibly disappeared victims of the Colombian conflict will be commemorated the last week of May, within the framework of the Week of the Detained – Disappeared, and on August 30th, on the International Day of the Disappeared. Public and private educational establishments and national, departmental and municipal authorities will pay tribute to these victims this week by holding forums, conferences, workshops and days of reflection regarding the right to memory, truth, life and respect for human rights” Art 14 law 1408 of 2010.

We embrace those who preceded us and encourage us in continuing our search for the disappeared – the Mothers of the Plaza de Mayo, the Nidia Erika Bautista Foundation, the Hasta Encontrarlos Foundation, the Mothers for Life, Conpazcol and affiliates, and so many other groups, families and people who fuel our work and give us hope in finding them.

We invite you to support our search in your homes, Town Councils, reservations, Community Councils, neighborhoods, churches, and other spaces during the international week of the Detained and Disappeared (May 26 to 31) by carrying out actions that dignify the memory of those who have been disappeared and strengthen our collective search. These actions could include: cinema forums, memory galleries, music, days of prayer, community meals, walks, cycling, planting, visiting families, having conversations, recreation and sports event, bonfires, murals, verses, poems, songs and messages that make visible the irreparable damage of forced disappearance, the need to search until we find them and the urgency of uprooting this crime against humanity.

If possible, record the activity carried out in a photo, video or text and share it on your networks as an act of solidarity with search engines in Colombia and the World.

House of Memories
La Esperanza Biodiversity Zone, Conpazcol.