What is Fueling This Campaign?

Glimpses into Peace

Peace beyond the Accords

For over 50 years Colombia has been in the midst of an armed conflict fueled by poverty, inequality and the greed of a few. In 2012, the government entered into peace negotiations with the FARC guerillas. With over 7.8 million victims of the conflict, including almost 6.6 million victims of forced displacement, over 45,000 enforced disappearances and around 263,000 conflict-related killings, this war has devastated the country. Colombian people not only long for peace, they are rising up to demand it. Peace does not live on a piece of paper; it is build and protected by the masses. The negotiated end to the armed conflict will silence some of the guns, but if the government continues to open its doors to multinational corporations and expand the mining industry, an end to the armed conflict will not mean an end to all of the social, political, environmental, economic, and cultural conflicts in Colombia.

Together with our Colombian partners, civil society and the international community, we’ve created this dynamic, diverse and rich multi-media campaign to amplify the hopes, dreams, aspirations, struggles for and visions of peace that Colombian people have. Through intimate portraits, complex story-telling, and dynamic materials, we hope to reveal the strength, bravery, creativity and determination of the Colombian people to build a just world that celebrates humanity. To learn more about Colombia and what fuels this campaign check out our deeper context.

“Peace cannot be achieved through violence, it can only be attained through understanding.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson