CONPAZCOL – Communities Building Peace in Colombia

CONPAZCOL is a network of 140 victims’ organizations, present in 14 departments where the armed conflict still continues. Apart from its challenging work to strengthen community processes CONPAZCOL has presented decisive contributions to the peace negotiations in Havana, and is worried about its security situation.

Recently CONPAZCOL approached FOR Peace Presence with an accompaniment request in order to strengthen their security situation in remote areas and visibilize their concerns of the impact of the peace accords on national and international level via political accompaniment.

Since 2014 a vast range of diverse organizations such as JAC (community councils), indigenous reserves, humanitarian spaces, peasant associations, zones of biodiversity, association of victims’ families and afrodescendents community councils, have formed CONPAZCOL in order to exchange methods of non violent protection and human rights education as well as to construct proposals of peace with socio environmental justice with a focus differential perspectives.

In the framework of the peace negotiations CONPAZCOL proposed an alternative model of transitional justice, restorative justice, focused on reconciliation and investigation of the truth.