Double Homicide in the Peace Community

March 19, 2024. Published by Caracol Radio.

The violent incident in which an adult woman and an adolescent died occurred in the village of La Esperanza, in the Urabá region of Antioquia.

On Tuesday afternoon a double homicide was reported in a rural area of the municipality of Apartadó in the Urabá region of Antioquia. The victims are an adult woman of about 30 years old and a teenager of about 16 years old, both members of the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó.Caracol Radio managed to talk to Arley Tuberquia, member of the internal council, while he was taking part in a humanitarian commission to the place where the event occurred. They were walking to the farm Las Delicias in La Esperanza, about 5 hours from the hamlet of the Peace Community.

“Criminal groups had already been threatening us, pointing fingers at us, and look at what happened, two murdered members of our community. There are criminal hands behind all this. They are the paramilitaries who dominate the area and certain leaders who are influenced by the paramilitaries.”

Colonel William Zubieta, commander of the Urabá police, told Caracol Radio that they are coordinating the arrival at the crime scene since the community is autonomous and protocols are required to enter. It should be remembered that this is an area where the Clan del Golfo has extensive control.

“Right now we are articulating an action plan with the Municipal Administration, with ICBF, with the National Army, and with the Police. We are collecting information to verify first, if the event occurred, and second, to address the situation. You know that the Peace Community has a protocol so we are also consulting with the Ombudsman’s Office to be able to enter the Peace Community.”

This community has been having difficulties with people neighboring the hamlet of the Peace Community regarding the use of a road. It is not known if this situation is related to the recent violent incident. It should be recalled that on only just this Monday, President Gustavo Petro had asked the army to make a gesture of forgiveness to this community for the violent acts such as massacres that were committed by the paramilitaries in years past.

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