What We Do

The FOR Peace Presence is an international accompaniment organization. What this means in practice is that we are “there” with Colombian activists when they need support – whether that means having someone there to act as an eye witness, or as an embodiment of international opinion standing there in a bright blue shirt, we improve the personal security of people whose lives are threatened by powerful people who want them silenced. We accompany a variety of different organizations and individuals, from peasant farmers to human rights defenders. Check out a description of each of our partners here.

The people and organizations we work with, also represent the issues we work on.
These issues are encompassed by the following categories:

Conscientious objection
Corporate accountability and economic justice
Human rights, impunity and justice
Displacement and land issues
US drug war and military aid

Finally, our work is all about the people we accompany and the places where we are present as international human rights observers. Click here to see photos, watch videos and hear their stories.

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