Get Moving! campaign: Memory is written on your skin

Jan 31, 2013 | Human Rights, Impunity and Justice

Get Moving! campaign: Memory is written on your skin
Get moving on this March 6 for truth, and participate in the Colombia Victims Movement’s (MOVICE) campaign, “Memory is written on your skin.” Check out our flickr page. You still have time to participate! The photo that you send us will be incorporated into the images for the March 6 mobilization.
Since 2008, MOVICE (Colombian Victims Movement Against State Crimes) proclaimed March 6 as the day of dignity for victims of state crimes in Colombia. On this date, we have facilitated a national and international mobilization as a way to reject crimes perpetrated by the State, to make visible high levels of impunity, to show the mechanisms used to hide the truth and to expose the continuation of paramilitarism, the continual denial of our demands and the persistent stigmatization, persecution, disappearance and assassinations against victims and other social leaders.

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More info at MOVICE’s site.