Hello and Adios

Hello and Adios

 By John Lindsay-Poland

Hello and AdiosWith both sadness at departure and joy in the path we’ve walked together, we bid farewell this month to Liza Smith, who has served for the last five-and-a-half years as coordinator of the Fellowship of Reconciliation Colombia team and previously as Colombia campaign grassroots organizer. FOR Executive Director Mark Johnson praised Liza’s “leadership to the Colombia staff and program, loving kindness and exemplary friendship, her wonderful gifts to us all, and her exceptional work.” Liza will continue to serve as a volunteer and part-time consultant for FOR’s Colombia Peace Presence.

We also welcome Candice Camargo as the new coordinator of the FOR Colombia Peace Presence. Originally from Southern California, Candice graduated from Claremont McKenna College with a degree in philosophy, politics, and economics. She’s spent the last six years as an activist and organizer, including working from 2009 to 2012 for Witness for Peace with communities in Colombia affected by corporate practices and U.S. policy. With WFP she worked on cross-cultural grassroots coalition building, advocacy meetings, physical accompaniment, educational programs for U.S. citizen delegations, organizing speaking tours, and using multimedia to share stories. Most recently she worked with CODEPINK.

1529Candice CamargoCandice currently lives in Bogotá and is excited to build onFOR’s solidarity work with Colombian communities, organizations, and movements forming part of the collective process to nonviolently undermine systems of oppression. She recently traveled to the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó for the first time and is excited to support and strengthen the physical and political accompaniment FORbegan with the community over ten years ago. Candice plans to work with the team to continue the project’s commitment to conscientious objectors and explore opportunities to accompany communities threatened by multinational corporations and the extractive industry.

Passionate about social and environmental justice, human rights, and corporate accountability, Candice is thrilled to be part of the FOR family.

One Comment on “Hello and Adios

  1. Candice,
    Thank you for your good work for peace and justice in Columbia and elsewhere!
    I am an artist in Fairfax, California who hearing of our sister city SJDA, dedicated the painting of a community mandala to honor and remember SJDA. The art project was part of an eco-fest, children and adults participated and it was used as a way to increase awareness regarding our ‘sister city’ and find ways to connect and assist if possible.
    How we might continue to serve well as a sister city?
    Some, including our mayor, Larry Bragman and peace and justice worker Aimee Saysamara traveled to SJDA some years ago, 2007, when we became a sister city.
    The Mandala is a representation of interconnection and wholeness and beauty. One community to another, we would like to send it as a recognition /re-memberance along with some supplies.
    Any helpful light weight items that come to mind that, we might send along to SJDA along with our Mandala ?

    Would it be possible to send it to SJDA through you? What address would be best, Perhaps it could land with a fellow artist at SJDA and include some pastels , pencils, school supplies, ? Thanks so much for any ideas,
    Charlotte Fuller charlotte.fuller@rocketmail.com

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