Help us send FORPP accompaniers to Colombia!

Over the past few weeks, a string of concerning events have been reported in the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó. These reports include multiple cases of destruction on private property in the Peace Community, including communal farming lands. The most recent report, outlined in this urgent action from the Peace Community, involves the removal of a fence in order to allow for vehicle passage through the farm Las Delicias. This farmland is part of the Peace Community’s collective land, and members have dedicated this land to cultivate crops for communal consumption. Click the image below to see the video published by the Peace Community  of  property  damage  in  Las  Delicias.

For years, the Peace Community has been denouncing paramilitary presence as well as irregular and illegal practices in building and construction throughout the settlements of San José de Apartadó.

These events, just weeks before the Anniversary of the Peace Community, have created increasing concern for security conditions. We are raising money to bring former accompaniers Moira Birss and Kati Hinman to the Peace Community during their anniversary celebrations. Help us make this possible by making a donation today. With just $1,000 total donations, we will be able to cover the cost of an international flight and other expenses for their visit, increasing visibility and providing added security.

Urgent Update: On March 19th, two Peace Community members were assassinated by gun shot in the village of La Esperanza. Our team is currently accompanying the Peace Community during this difficult time. You can find details here.

Due to the success of our campaign, we are aiming to raise $3,000! We put every donation to good use!