Community leader Marisol in Tamarina

El Tamarindo is a community located on the outskirts of Barranquilla, on Colombia’s Caribbean coast. The members of this community grow platano, keep animals, and try to get by in their village that they arrived at 12 years ago after being displaced by violence in Urabá. Today, 21st March, the people of El Tamarindo are being displaced. Today, 50% of their land is being cleared to make way for Barranquilla’s “Zona Franca”, a zone with a relaxed regulation and tax regime. Yesterday a group from International FOR lead by FOR Peace Presence went to talk to members of El Tamarindo, and tomorrow there will be people looking for new places to live. There will be protests this week in Barranquilla, and FOR Peace Presence will be leading a delegation from the Pacific School of Religion to go see how Tamarindo are doing, and what we can do to help. Please send an email to your congress-person (there is a congressional visit to Colombia this week too), your local representative or embassy in Colombia to express your concern and to maintain pressure and attention on this emblematic case.