International Fellowship of Reconciliation 15th Anniversary Message

Jul 12, 2017 | Our Partners

Amsterdam, 7 July 2017

Dear FOR Peace Presence:

I will always remain grateful for the work of Susana Pimiento Chamorro, Liza Smith, and John Lindsay Poland whose work with FOR introduced me to Colombia and the concept of Protective Accompaniment. For 15 years now, FORPP has modeled for the movement and the world, what it means to put love in action and for 15 years, you’ve provided a way for those of us who have seen the horrendous impact of U.S. militarism and global economic exploitation in Latin America to respond.

Although FOR Peace Presence began as an example of bi-lateral solidarity between U.S. Citizens of conscience and brave & conscientious people in Colombia, it has grown into something that the entire global movement of IFOR should be proud of. The collaboration between our members in the Americas and Europe and with our representatives to the UN serves as a deeply meaningful example of what can be accomplished when we work together in this fellowship.

On behalf of the International Committee, it is with great honor that I congratulate FORPP on its 15-year anniversary. We join you in the hope that another 15 years will not be needed, but in the gratitude that as the need exists, you’ve been able to respond.


Rev. Lucas L. Johnson
International Coordinator