IFOR Delegation and Joahana Rocha of Tierra Digna

IFOR Delegation and Joahana Rocha of Tierra Digna

Our work with the peace community in San José de Apartadó started with a delegation of concerned U.S. citizens who traveled to Colombia in 2001. During their visit, leaders and members of the community made the request for a permanent presence. Since then we have always felt it is important to provide an opportunity for people to get to know our work here in Colombia, up close and personal.

A delegation is a learning trip.  It is a first-hand opportunity to gain a profound and personal understanding of the complexities of what we see in the news.  It is a chance to interact and share with people and communities in a way that you would not be able to do if you were to visit Colombia on your own or as a tourist. Delegations are typically 10 days traveling with and learning from your fellow delegates as together we get a glimpse into the hopes, worries, and lives of the Colombians we meet. Our delegations usually visit one of our partners and meet with other human rights organizations in Bogota.

Our next delegation is planned for Fall 2018.

Past Delegations