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    FOR Peace Presence 2018 in Review

    We are grateful for completing our 16th year of protective presence in Colombia. In 2018, our team continued to provide physical and political accompaniment to human rights defenders, victims of the armed conflict, and conscientious objectors. In 2018, our protective accompaniment reached the regions of Urabá, with the Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, Valle de Cauca and the Pacific Coast of Cauca with CONPAZ and he Inerfaith Justice and Peace Commission, Cesar with Tierra Digna, and Cundinamarca with the Nilo community and ACOOC, the young conscientious objectors of Colombia.

    You can find our complete 2018 Programaic Update by clicking the image below!

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    “There will never be true peace, until we eliminate hatred within our hearts as a country.”- Peace Community Leader

    The following piece and pictures were originally published in Spanish by our Accompanier Dianna E Almanza. 

    Peace Community San José de Apartadó: Community House

    When I see the sunrise,

    I see how mother nature awakens around me,

    As if time stood still,

    As if this very precise moment that I am living, were to last for a long time,

    In which I am caught in a moment of profound tranquility, completely consumed by the grand beauty that surrounds me.

    The earth itself that I walk on emits a profound energy, which I can’t even begin to describe,

    The energy evokes many emotions within me,

    I feel an immense force, an innate connection between the earth, and the guardians of the earth.

    I observe the way in which the community takes care of its earth, treating it with such delicacy,

    This is the same delicacy I see shown in the looks, caresses and embraces between parents and their children.

    Here, I began to understand, with my own flesh and blood, the true meaning of living a life in peace, without hatred.


    The Peace Community of San José de Apartadó, (Antioquia), Colombia, is a collective of small scale farmers, founded in 1997 in order to resist in the midst of the armed conflict. The small scale farmers declared themselves neutral (they do not interact with any armed group), they practice nonviolence, they don´t allow any arms in their territory and they have to participate in collective working groups. In order to receive more information, in their own words (in Spanish), visit their homepage www.cdpsanjose.org or follow this link for an introduction to the Peace Community of San José the Apartadó on our homepage in English.

    The following pictures represent a selection of the very beginning of a photographic memory[1], which, in my opinion is the most convincing representation of the incredible force, unity, beauty and above all, resilience of the community, from my perspective as International Observer and Accompanier.


    [1] The whole collection can be found in the original publication.